Debbie Farrell
Carlisle, PA
John is an excellent teacher. My daughter has been taking lessons for about a year. She really enjoys playing the guitar and plays well because of John. 

Gary Gocek
Harrisburg, PA
I drive 40 minutes each week to take lessons from John, and I hate to drive. I have learned so much, its as if I had never played a guitar before I started working with John. My skill level has increased at least 100%. This guy is great and highly recommended. 

Shannon Trostle
Dillsburg, PA

John’s style of teaching is so flexible. He really works hard to meet my needs. Whatever I want to work on that day (song, chord changes, etc.) that’s what we do. John helped me to set goals for my lessons and learning. We work through songs that incorporate learning different chords, finger-picking styles, and strumming patterns. As I learn and practice the songs, he teaches me different techniques. Because I’m a school teacher, I can really appreciate the way John teaches. He really meets me where I’m at and we go from there. When I was in search of a guitar teacher, I needed someone who was going to be able to work with what I needed. John’s the best! 

Charlie McGarrell
Harrisburg, PA

I’ve been playing guitar as a hobby for over 30 years…For several decades it seemed my playing had stagnated at a level of mediocrity that I was not pleased with…I’ve been a student of John’s for almost three years now, and my playing has improved tremendously…I recommended him to a friend of mine who is in his late 30’s, and had no prior musical experience of any kind…I’ve seen his playing progress at a very impressive rate. John is a great instructor and a great guy, and I highly recommend him as an instructor for players of all skill levels.

Steve Voorhees
Dillsburg, PA

John is a great teacher. Simple as that!