Absorber panels in use
Cost:  $20-$26 (per panel)
Time:  30 min. (per panel)

Credit for this design goes to:
Chris Banning (aka studio_drums)
from John Sayers’ Recording Studio Design Forum

Materials needed:
2″ Mineral/Rock Wool or Rigid Fiberglass Insulation ($35-$75/pack of 6)
– 1x3x8 Furring Strips (3@$1.25)
– Burlap Fabric 1 1/2 yards ($3/yard)
– Spray Adhesive ($4/can)
– Liquid Nails ($2.50/tube)
– Staple Gun w/Heavy Duty Staples
– Hammer
– Power Saw

Wood cuts: (2) 19″ pieces and (2) 48″ pieces

Staple both sides of the furring strips!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you use the less expensive non-rigid insulation (Roxul AFB, Thermafiber SAFB), you may need to add an additional 19″ furring strip piece to the middle of the structure for support.